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Consider the Cost

Consider the Cost
May 11, 2021

 Consider the Cost

You want the very best for your parents and that includes quality, dependable, care when they need it. There are so many things to consider and it can be very overwhelming deciding on the best care at the most affordable price. There are 3 types of care to consider when trying to determine the best care possible:

  1. Private home care
  2. Skilled nursing care
  3. Assisted living care

 Private Home Care

In home private care always seems to be the logical option for so many. It appears to be the obvious choice. Who doesn’t want to remain in their own home receiving care while still remaining independent? Sometimes it’s not that easy. Consider this:

  1. How many hours of care does my loved one need?
  2. Is your loved one social?
  3. Can I find quality, dependable, care that is both affordable and reliable?
  4. If they have Alzheimer’s, will they be able to stay safely in their home?
  5. Is my loved one really remaining independent living at home?

Finding in-home care for your loved one seems easy until someone calls off, your parent tells them to leave because they feel they don’t need the care, (I’ve seen this happen often) or you need 24-hour care, which can cost a fortune.

Socialization is also an important aspect of overall health. Often times being home can cause isolation and depression. When people aren’t stimulated socially, they lose their ability to function more quickly.

If your family member has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, it is important that sooner than later they receive quality care outside their home. The longer you wait to move them, the harder it will be on them. The further the progression of the disease, the harder it is for them to acclimate to a new environment. Many people never recover from the move if it’s in a later stage. When you move an Alzheimer’s patient early in the disease you are doing them a favor for both quality of life and length of life handling the disease better. 

 Skilled Nursing Care

Often times people feel the only care their loved one is eligible for is nursing home care. Nursing home care is great when needed, but can become very expensive when you are only eligible to private pay. Often times you are unable to get a private room and if you can get a private room, it has an unrealistic cost attached.

 Assisted Living Care

Assisted living care is close to my heart. I have been working at Wedgwood for almost 20 years. My family has owned skilled nursing homes, assisted living, and independent senior living.

When considering assisted living, (specifically Wedgewood) here are a few things you should know:

  1. Every room is private. 2 people, unless married, do not live in a suite together
  2. We have 4 levels of quality care. When a person is considering the move to Wedgwood, we provide a free- no obligation- assessment to determine need level and if they are eligible for assisted living
  3. Cost of Assisted living is sometimes 1/3 the cost of a private room available at a nursing home.
  4. There is a nurse on duty 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. We also have full-time companions, housekeeping, dietary, maintenance, and administrative personnel as well as an activity director to maintain socialization and positive well-being.

If your parent is in need of quality care, I highly recommend Wedgewood Estates. There really is no better place for your loved one to receive quality care as well as the socialization needed to achieve the best life possible. Our goal is to give them as much care as they need while allowing them to remain as independent as possible. I also recommend you consider the cost of all three options. I am confident We can give quality care at an affordable price. You will find there really is no better option than the assisted living at Wedgwood Estates of Mansfield. What are you waiting for? Contact us today.





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